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Your conference or gala will be as unique and engaging as your organization.

Your Event is a Reflection of Your Organization

Whether you’re staging a gala, fundraiser, or industry conference, your event is a physical extension of your brand. From save-the-date announcements to signage and keynote presentations, every element should work together and deliver a cohesive experience.

An event designed with a strategic plan that reflects your organization’s goals builds excitement in members, boosts sponsorship, and generates the kind of buzz that increases attendance and engagement. Neglect any aspect of such a valuable connection point with your members, and you run the risk of generating the opposite results.


Position is always my first call. Regardless of the industry, their work delivers enhanced awareness, brand value, and ultimately improved marketability to sponsors.”

Susan Harris Brazelton Corporate Event Consultant

Packages to fit your budget and needs

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Option 1


  • Event look & feel
  • Invitation package
  • Email header banner
  • Small program
  • Marketing materials
  • Presentation template
  • Signage templates
  • Event materials

Timeline: 3-4 months

Option 2

Includes everything in Option 1 plus:

  • Comprehensive HTML email series
  • Sponsorship brochure
  • Signage
  • Event app graphics
  • Large program
  • Stage set consulting

Timeline: 4-6 months


Includes everything in Option 2 plus:

  • Landing page
  • Site Visit
  • Consult on new sponsorship opportunities
  • Marketing campaign
  • Conceptualize and design onsite event branding
  • Giveaway and activation ideation and design

Timeline: 6+ months

Our Approach

We allow associations like yours to realize the full potential of their events by taking a holistic view of the experience. Working in collaboration with your team, we will create:

A creative brief

Rather than arbitrarily choosing a visual theme with no clear connection with your brand, we define the opportunities and challenges to create a cohesive messaging strategy. Our brief outlines the specifics about your audience, what your brand needs to communicate, and the goals each element of your event will align to achieve.

A unified look & feel

We develop multiple concepts offering a visual representation of the brief and create a polished, cohesive look. We’ll draw a clear connection across all marketing materials to craft an experience that produces an elevated, premium impression for members and sponsors. The end result builds excitement for your organization and creates demand for your next event.

Comprehensive branded materials

Your event marketing materials may include customized elements such as:

  • Save the date announcements (print and email)
  • Invitations
  • Email templates
  • Branded website or app delivering event information
  • Signage
  • Printed or digital program
  • Giveaways and swag bags for members
  • Branded presentation templates
  • Keynote presentation design

A cohesive experience consistent with your brand

We’ll coordinate with your event planners and the A/V team to ensure the brand carries through each touchpoint.. The resulting experience for your audience is immersive, consistent, and elevated with no detail left to chance. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Events provide a vital means to generate trust, loyalty, and excitement among your members and expand the reach of your brand in the marketplace. Find out how an elevated experience will take your organization further.
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How a Brand Refresh Helped a Membership Organization Triple Sponsorship For Its Events

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Other Services

We allow associations like yours to realize the full potential of their events by taking a holistic view of the experience. Working in collaboration with your team, we will create:

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