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Captivate your audience and maximize the impact of your message.

Deliver a Presentation That’s (Almost) Too Good for Words

Whether you have to deliver a keynote address, high-stakes presentation, or TED-style talk, you need to ensure you captivate your audience. Everything you say is vital. But just as critical is your ability to visually communicate your ideas clearly in a way that makes a lasting impact. No pressure, right?

Delivering a message that will move the needle for your organization isn’t easy. And you need more than the same old slide show behind you. You need the power of strong design.


Position brings our CEO's keynote address to life with purposeful visuals that ensure we tell a compelling story each year. They are an unflappable extension of our team.”

Kelli Gera Director of Corporate Communications Visit California

Our Approach

Through our visual and narrative expertise, we help you deliver your story in a way that’s impactful and inspiring. Together, we’ll build:

A creative brief

We work with you to clarify your messaging by balancing your organization’s goals with the expectations of your audience. No matter the size of your crowd, we’ll design a storytelling strategy that emphasizes your core ideas.

Storyboarding and concepts

We collaborate with your team to map out visuals and a cohesive theme to enhance your presentation. Far more than superficial flash, our custom concepts will reflect your brand’s story and enhance the narrative you need to deliver.

Deck building

We work with your writers to develop immersive and cinematic visuals that will connect with your audience and enhance the flow of your presentation. We add additional polish with motion graphics to underscore your key ideas while ensuring the focus remains on you.

Last-minute support

Our team will be there through last-minute rehearsals to fine-tune your presentation and ensure everything is right for the big day.

Your next high-stakes presentation is too important to neglect the visual components that deliver vital support for your message. Ensure your organization connects with its audience in a way that’s impactful and inspiring.

Ready to take your membership organization’s brand to the next level?

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