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How a Brand Refresh Helped a Membership Organization Triple Event Sponsorship

For over 100 years, the Associated General Contractors of California (AGC-CA) has shaped policy, improved industry relationships within construction, and developed the construction workforce. AGC-CA knew its brand was severely outdated and didn’t reflect the legacy it was building.

Actively preserving the beauty of AGC-CA’s history while reimagining its future, we designed a full suite of branding that helped more than triple event sponsorships.

Here’s how we did it:

client AGC of California


Peter Tateishi Chief Executive Officer, AGC of California

With Position’s expert storytelling, we are both a 100-year-old organization and an organization that's primed and ready for the future.”


Increase in event sponsorship dollars.

A New Face for a Long-respected Membership Organization

AGC-CA asked us to help breathe new life into their brand in preparation for their 2020 centennial. We needed to enable the organization to celebrate a moment in time and signal a new direction — without abandoning their revered past. 

The rebranding was an iterative process. We preserved and evolved the most beloved elements, like the logo. Throughout the process, we heard members, absorbed the vision of organizational leadership, and balanced their different needs and desires. Each brand element — logo variations, color palette, typography, photography style, image treatments, patterns, and textures — added to the story and contributed to a sense of energy and forward movement. 

With the brand system in place, we infused AGC-CA’s 2019 fall conference with a new look, feel, and energy. Reimagined as “Construct,” the annual event took on a more sophisticated feel with new design, colors, and language.

Construct 2019 paved the way for an even more important event: the Centennial Installation & Awards Gala of January 2020 at the Fairmont In San Francisco. The event needed to tell a special story. The invitation, social media graphics, the program, the stage, and the banners reflected an understanding and respect for the past and a vision for the future. 

The centennial year not only made a lasting impression on AGC-CA members but also increased the enthusiasm of sponsors.

Gala Event Sponsorships Jumped 300% in One Year

At the 2020 Gala, the supporting sponsor sold for a 300% increase over the year prior. 

The Gala’s rebranding earned it an elevated status and reputation, As a result, the organization has been able to command even more for sponsorships. In 2021, AGC-CA matched the impressive 2020 sponsor numbers. 

The organization attributes the growth in sponsorship to exceptional design delivery and a strategic branding evolution. 

Construct 2021 Attendance Numbers Increased by 31%

Sponsorship numbers were not the only ones climbing. AGC-CA’s fall 2021 Construct event attendance rose 31%. According to AGC-CA, the impact the 2019 event created carried over into 2021. 

AGC-CA’s modern branding echoes the impact of the organization — and members can proudly rally around the symbols of the community they love.

Let’s talk about how you can elevate your organization’s events and make dramatic gains in your sponsorships and attendance.

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