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Special Initiatives & Programs

Extend Your Organization’s Reach and Engage a New Audience

Adaptable Expertise for High-Stakes Projects

When launching a new initiative or targeting a new audience, you need an agency experienced in adapting its efforts to meet your organization’s unique goals. Standard approaches often fall short in these scenarios. It’s about embracing a tailored, dynamic strategy that aligns with your vision and resonates with your intended audience, fostering deeper engagement and impactful results.

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Levanta Tu Voz is a critical initiative to give voice to a population that is currently underrepresented in policy matters that impact them. Position's expertise was invaluable in ensuring that the platform we created was inclusive and made it easy for our audience to engage with us.”

Julie Berge Senior Director, Strategic Communications Western States Petroleum Association

Our Approach

Launching a new initiative often carries its own budget — and heightened levels of scrutiny and pressure. But there’s no skeleton key that will unlock the right strategy to support your organization’s next special project. It’s a matter of partnering with an agency with the experience and confidence to question assumptions and put a process in place to approach your initiative with fresh eyes.

Define the Problem

For special initiatives, a thorough discovery phase is vital, as standard marketing methods may not suffice. Our expertise lies in analyzing each situation’s specifics and pinpointing the most effective tactics. This may involve engaging in interviews, conducting surveys, holding stakeholder listening sessions, and performing competitive analysis, all tailored to ensure the success of your specific project.

Articulate Your Goals

Special projects often are resourced outside your organization’s normal operating budget, which often means a higher level of stakeholder interest. Whether you need to produce results for your board, executive leadership, or other audience, we help align your stakeholders and define success for your project so you can focus your team’s energy where it will be most impactful.

Understand Your Audience

Whether you’re launching a new initiative or targeting a new demographic, knowing your audience is critical. You’re often not addressing your usual members, so you may need new tactics to deliver a compelling message. 

For example, maybe the advocacy audience you’re targeting is a new, younger demographic who gets most of their information in short-form videos. Or, maybe your fundraising initiative is best approached through in-person meetings and compelling print collateral. Before you launch a special initiative, we’ll help question assumptions to ensure your project resonates with the right audience.

Establish Messaging

Just as you’re not speaking to your usual audience, you’re also not following your typical messaging strategy. You may need to explain a more complex idea or express the compelling story behind your initiative. Clear, cohesive messaging is essential.


No matter what methods your organization needs to connect with its audience, we’ll deliver the right solution. After decades of experience serving associations, we are known for designing high-quality solutions to serve your initiative and its goals.

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