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9 Problems Brand Systems Fix

Phil Tretheway June 12, 2023

The workforce is changing, and member-driven organizations must evolve their approaches to prove their value to today’s members.

Demonstrating the value of what your organization offers an audience of millennial and Gen Z members requires more than a fresh website or revamped social media strategy. You need to develop your brand to ensure that every aspect of your organization’s story is expressed in a clear and cohesive way.

To resonate with the new generation of members, good branding is not a nice-to-have. It’s not icing on the cake. Your brand is the cake. And to create a compelling brand that connects with your audience, you need to establish a brand system.

In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • The distinction between brand systems and brand guidelines.
  • What goes into an effective brand system for member-driven organizations.
  • A diagnostic approach to 9 common ways a brand system resolves issues in how organizations like yours tell their story.
  • How your brand is your strongest communication tool for connecting with the audiences your marketing needs to attract most.

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