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Creating a Powerful Comeback for an LA Tourism Conference

The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board is a nonprofit dedicated to supporting the people of LA by marketing its home city as a one-of-a-kind destination for travelers. Working on behalf of over 1,000 local businesses to boost economic opportunities available through tourism, the organization’s annual Los Angeles Outlook Forum event offers a vital look at trends and forecasts in the industry. However, starting in 2020, that industry was driven to a standstill.

After a two-year hiatus during the pandemic, LA Tourism wanted to make a splash with its 2022 Los Angeles Outlook Forum. For the first time, the organization opted to charge attendees for the event, and it needed to elevate every aspect of the experience. Offering guest speakers, networking, and a preview of the year’s marketing strategy for a B2B audience, the organization needed to demonstrate that the Los Angeles Outlook Forum was back — in a big way.

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Adam Burke President & CEO,

I continue to be impressed with the caliber of presentation support that Position delivers. From our 2022 Market Outlook Forum to their ongoing work with Visit California and a host of third-party conferences and events, they consistently provide compelling visuals that complement – rather than duplicate – speaker content and create a more engaging, immersive experience for attendees.”

Results: A Cohesive and Impressive Branded Event Experience to Make a Lasting Impression

This year’s Los Angeles Outlook Forum presented an opportunity to debut the organization’s new look from a recent rebranding of the organization. Our goals were to create a celebratory atmosphere that instilled guests with energy and knowledge while positioning LA Tourism as a market leader.

We designed the event’s branding, including on-site graphics and branding installations. At every step of the event, attendees received an immersive, branded experience that included:

  • Custom HTML email invitation.
  • Event app customization.
  • Registration graphics.
  • Sponsorship sales packet.
  • Branded lanyard, signage, and save-the-date graphics.
  • Immersive venue branding.
  • Presentation template to use for breakout sessions.
  • Custom presentation deck for all keynote speakers.
  • On-site rehearsal and day-of support for the event.

Transforming a Challenging Venue into a Branding Opportunity

After a site visit, we were able to recommend significant branding opportunities to make the most of a challenging venue. The site was an ornate and historic building when approached from one side. But from the other, it appeared to be a more modern yet drab and pragmatic environment. Our goal was to draw attention to the organization’s brand and enhance the in-person experience for every attendee.

Outside, we built a new branded wall to define the entry space and welcome guests in a big way. Using the event’s bold colors with a setting sun graphic, the Instagram-ready wall provided an eye-catching welcome to the event. Inside, we wrapped banisters and the base of the second story to extend the same look and feel to own the space and transform a challenging site into an engaging environment that provides guests of LA Tourism with an elevated experience.

Designing a Keynote Presentation That Rose to the Occasion

After a two year hiatus, LA Tourism needed to address its guests in a way that lived up to the elevated nature of the event experience. Traditional slides with a deluge of bullet points would not be sufficient—the executive leadership needed a compelling presentation.

Our proven process enabled the organization to start working on the keynote sooner than all the previous years. Building from the event branding, the presentation included eye-catching nods to local iconography such as waving palm trees and a stylized animation of a California sunrise. As the keynote progressed, motion graphics reinforced key points and strategic initiatives for the year ahead. Presentations are high-stakes affairs, and we rose to the challenge with a cinematic presentation deck that met the event’s timelines.

Along with delivery support with a well-crafted presentation design, we provided assistance with vendors, script coaching, and rehearsals up to the day of the event. In the end, we created a framework for the executive team to deliver a high-caliber experience on every level.

From start to finish, LA Tourism’s Los Angeles Outlook Forum delivered an elevated experience that showcased the value of all it has to offer. Plus, with its rebranding firmly in place, the organization demonstrated to attendees that LA Tourism and the region’s travel industry were back — in a big way. 

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