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Customized website solutions for every membership organization


The Position Interactive team was a great fit for our project. They helped focus our vision and found creative ways to meet our strategic goals. This is a solution-oriented team that is a pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Lien-Mager Director of Communications Association of California Water Agencies

Your Website is the Voice of Your Organization

The strength of communication makes or breaks relationships. It’s true between people, and it’s true between your organization and your members. It’s your website’s role to act as your primary communication tool. 

Your website speaks to and for your organization. It attracts, engages, and informs members. It has the capacity to inspire loyalty and action. Your site must be tailored to your organization’s unique needs and be easy to use. That’s a big ask — but not for us.

There’s No One-size-fits-all Website Solution

We understand that your website has to do the heavy lifting. You need a robust site that can do what your members need it to do. 

Our Approach

No two membership organizations are exactly the same. We identify your challenges and customize the right solutions. And we tap into your vision to empower your organization with:

  • Custom design and messaging. We’ll tell your story through a design aesthetic that vividly expresses your difference. Your organization will gain the power to communicate with one clear, recognizable voice to stakeholders, members, and the media. Site visitors will see your undeniable value and imagine their place in your one-of-a-kind community.
  • Optimized technology solutions. Imagine a world where you don’t have to compromise on your website to get the best possible CRM. Your website, CRM, and CMS will be integrated to meet your unique organizational needs. We’ll put together a perfectly tailored mix of technologies that allows your website to deliver helpful data and delight your members — no compromise necessary.
  • Member services modules. Your website should do more than just tell your story. It should empower members to get involved and deepen their engagement. We’ll build in vital member resources like:
    • Member directory. Your members can easily browse, search, and connect in the member directory module. Your newest members and associates will automatically be imported from your CRM, so the directory is always up to date.
    • Searchable publication library. No more hard-to-read PDFs. Your valuable member resources will be more accessible with a searchable, easy-to-use publication library.
    • Member engagement portal. The engagement portal acts as your membership headquarters. Members can view their benefits and learn how to take advantage of them. And you can use this portal to encourage specific member participation.
    • Events directory and registration. Your events are one of the most important points of engagement with your members. You can use our events module to create an events directory and develop a landing page for your big conference. The events module makes it easier for your members to discover your events, realize the value of attending, and register online.
    • Member-only content. You can augment any piece of content on your website for members. We’ll integrate your website with your CRM or other member management platform, so members can login to your website and view the exclusive information.


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Increase in unique page views to compliance resources and publications on website.

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