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Member-First Websites: Putting Users at the Heart of Your Website Redesign

Phil Tretheway June 11, 2024

For organizations considering a website redesign, functionality and technology are often among the top items on any wishlist. After all, your next generation of members are digital natives, and you need to secure the best tools to deliver the kind of standout experience that reflects the value of your organization. However, focusing primarily on the technical aspects of your website such as its CMS platform neglects the most important part of any redesign project: Your users. Naturally, a great CMS is essential — but it’s also no guarantee of delivering the kind of experience that connects with members and captures your brand’s story. As you consider your next steps in a redesign project, you need to ensure your website users are the first priority.  In this eBook, you’ll learn:

  • Why a good CMS is the baseline, a great user experience is what sets you apart
  • How user-centered design benefits associations.
  • Core elements of user experience.
  • How to develop a member-focused website design.

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