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White Paper

The Member-driven Organization’s Brand Guidelines Toolkit

Phil Tretheway April 1, 2022

Do your organization’s members really know you? They may recognize your logo and know your tagline, but your brand encompasses much more than that. A long list of visual and messaging components make up the core building blocks of your brand. And if those elements aren’t comprehensive, cohesive, flexible, and well executed, your members (and prospects) may never fully trust your organization.  Creating a strong set of brand guidelines enables you to consistently communicate your organization’s reason for being — your mission, values, and vision. A well-executed brand system makes your organization relatable, memorable, and trustworthy. You need a robust set of tools to make that happen.  In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • Why brand guidelines are critical to member loyalty and engagement
  • 3 qualities your brand guidelines need most
  • 10 essential components of a good brand system
  • Tips to make using your brand guidelines easy

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